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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is probably the most widely practised massage in the western world and comprises five main strokes: effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (striking), frictions (running) and vibration.  It is a treatment and practise of soft tissue manipulation with physical, functional and in some cases psychological purposed and goals.  Healing through touch is a natural human instinct and massage formalises this instinct to want to heal ourselves and others: giving someone a hug if they are upset, rubbing a child's knee if they have fallen or even a little self massage if we feel sore.

How massage works

A variety of strokes and pressure techniques are used to enhance the flow of blood to the heart, remove waste products from the tissues and ease physical and emotional tension. The muscles are manipulated with other soft tissues to improve health and well being affecting the whole body.

Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits to massage both physiological and psychological, including:

  • Relaxes tense and contracted muscles
  • Boosts circulation, bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to cells
  • Lactic acid is removed from muscle tissue
  • Can help relieve depression
  • Stimulation of endorphins (feel good hormones)
  • Restores the body to a state of 'rest and repose'

Tell me about the treatment

You will be asked to remove your clothing down to your underwear (pants) and you will be covered with a towel or sheet, it’s important to know that the only part of the body that is being worked is uncovered. You start by lying on your front as your back will be worked on first, then the backs of the legs. Once you are ready to turn over the therapist will hold the towel or sheet and look away before quickly covering you again. Oil will be applied to the body throughout the treatment to allow the therapists hands to flow over the body without causing friction. Treatment concludes with a face massage and the therapist will then leave the room to allow you to dress in private.


Price List

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