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Wellness at work is important wherever you work, most of us now spend more time sedentary at our desks in the work place, which can have a detrimental effect on our mental as well as physical health. With employers under pressure to cut costs and maintain productivity, many are now implementing work place incentive schemes to energise and invigorate their workforce. These programmes can support employees towards healthy positive outcomes in the work place and employees will be left feeling valued, which in turn will increase the employers return on investment in the future of their workforce. We can help you to set up a Wellness at Work Plan that will benefit both the employee and the employer by offering services such as; pop up massage days, weekly or monthly plans, employer reward schemes and treatment taster day, the therapies that we offer are detailed below.      Please  Contact us  today to begin your Wellness at Work Plan.

wellness at work employer benefits

 Employer Benefits

Most businesses these days are under pressure to cut costs, cut sick days, improve staff retention and still maintain or increase productivity. Employees can also feel these pressures which can have a detrimental effect, leading to increased sick days and businesses having to utilise agency or temporary staff to fill the gaps left by absenteeism. By making a small investment in your workforce, which is probably your biggest asset, you can re-energise your workforce and make them feel valued members of your team. A motivated, healthy and more importantly, happy workforce, that feels valued by the employer is an asset any business can't afford to be without. We can come weekly, monthly or organise one-off reward days to your business. We are flexible and will work with you to find the right Wellness at Work Plan.

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wellness at work employee benefits

Employee Benefits

So what's in it for your employees? Employees can benefit from Wellness at Work Plans by receiving treatments, such as a 20 minute chair massage, or a relaxing reflexology during the working day. Our plans will work with your employees needs and can manage existing conditions or simply help them to relax in a stressful environment. Wellness at Work can help to increase energy, mental health and motivation, leaving employees feeling refreshed and energised. When employers offer  a helping hand heir employees feel more motivated and  want to work with the business, which leads to mutual benefits. Employees can feel pressure to improve their personal contributions at work and if they feel like a valued team member they tend to want to go the extra mile. 

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commercial sense

Commercial Sense?

But does it make commercial sense? By investing in your workforce with a Wellness at Work Plan, many companies  see a better retention rate, lowered sick days and increased motivation which leads to increased productivity, and after all your employees are the most important asset in your business - can you afford not to invest in such a valuable asset? The cost savings seen by businesses often come from the benefits associated with having a motivated and energised workforce, reduced absenteeism and a 'can do' attitude. We can offer employer fully funded plans, partly funded by employee plans, or we can work directly with your employees if you can dedicate the space and a little downtime for each employee. We also offer pop up taster days to give you a chance to engage and collect some feedback from your staff.

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Seated Massage at work

Seated Massage

Seated massage is an ideal option for desk or sedentary workers, a short 15-30 minutes routine working on the upper back, neck and shoulders. This treatment will leave your employees feeling ready for the day ahead. Click the image for more information or Contact Us.

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Reiki workplace wellness


Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique and is carried out fully clothed,on a treatment bed or in a chair. This is a wonderful treatment for those working in a noisy or busy environment to soothe away the background noise. Click the image for more information or Contact Us.

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Reflexology workplace wellness


Who doesn't like a foot rub?  Our reflexology treatment will leave employees feeling energised and refreshed. Carried out on a treatment bed this is an ideal therapy for people spending a lot of time on their feet. Click the image for more information or Contact Us.

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Indian Head Massage wellness at work

Indian Head Massage

A fabulous treatment, generally carried out in a chair, this fantastic treatment can be excellent to help reduce stress, headaches and eye strain, great for those using computers or screens all day. Click the image for more information or Contact Us.

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Swedish Massage wellness at work

Swedish Massage

A more traditional massage, this massage usually requires your shirt or blouse to be removed and a small amount of oil being applied on the back, neck and shoulders. Excellent for those little knots and niggles. Click the image for more information or Contact Us.

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Tuina Chinese Massage wellness at work

Tui Na Chinese Massage

A traditional Chinese treatment which is more vigorous and excellent for managing pre-existing conditions or sports injuries with many people finding it very energising. Tui Na can be done seated, standing or lying down. Click the image for further information or Contact Us.

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